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About Planters

Planter’s Nursery are proud to supply local Market Gardeners, Supermarkets and Garden Centres in the Hawke’s Bay region.  Our retail shop is also the place for discerning home gardeners to get quality seedlings, shrubs and grasses for their ornamental and vegetable gardens.  Seedlings straight from the nursery to your garden – it doesn’t get better than that!

Services we provide:

Home Garden

  • vegetable and bedding plant punnets
  • ornamental grasses
  • native shrubs
  • hedging
  • perennials
  • bulk orders

Commercial growers/Supermarkets/Garden Centres

  • vegetable plug production
  • covered crop seedlings
  • annuals and ornamentals for Landscapers
  • custom growing to grower specifications (including organic)
  • wholesale punnet sales